Environment & Philosophy

Canyon Environment & Philosophy Programs

The watershed specific, “Native Vegetation Enhancement Project” creates or reestablishes the riparian buffer zone with native plant biodiversity. At our onsite nursery, plants are grown from hand collected seeds, cuttings and transplanted propagates of local canyon stock.

“Canyon Poolside Renewable Energy Project”:

Solar heating swimming pool systems are one of the most economical forms of solar energy available today. El Capitan Canyon will cut its heating expense by an estimated 75% using free and renewable energy from the sun, making this a wise choice for our environment. Even in warm southern climates, water temperature in an unheated pool can drop to a chilly 55 degrees Fahrenheit during winter months. Solar pool heating can produce comfortable water temperature and lengthen the swimming season. Solar heated pool systems produce clean, non-polluting energy. It is safe for our environment, safe for plants and animals and safe for all of us.

“Urban Timber Salvage and Recycle Program” saves trees that could end up as firewood or in a chip yard. When winter storms or old age brings an end to local or exotic flora, the fallen trees are transported to the El Capitan Canyon Workshop. There they take the shape of beautiful handmade picnic tables, post and rail, stairs, hand rails, signs and even the interior design of the Canyon Market and Deli adding to the unique comfortable campground charm.

“Collective Cooperation Water Conservation” encourages El Capitan Canyon guests to participate or to become conscious of water saving techniques:

  • – Towel & linen wash, at a request or every other day
  • – Limit the use of Jacuzzi tub and shower per day
  • – The use of drought tolerant native plants to beautify the landscape

“Car Free Canyon” is a low impact environment enhancement program to encourage safety for pedestrians, wildlife, reduce noise and air pollution. El Capitan Canyon offers complimentary bicycles for quick transportation throughout the canyon.