Nature of the Canyon

The Canyon provides a beautiful setting for our guests to appreciate nature. However, in order to stay safe and comfortable, a certain amount of caution should be exercised when you’re enjoying the Canyon.

Mountain Lions

What should you do if you encounter a mountain lion? DO NOT HIKE ALONE: Go in groups, with adults supervising children. KEEP CHILDREN CLOSE TO YOU: Observations … more


Rattlesnakes do inhabit the hills surrounding the Canyon. Stick to well developed trails. If you run across any snakes, keep your distance and leave them alone. If you are… more

Poison Oak

Poison oak is prevalent throughout the Canyon, especially in the creek beds. Please don’t let children run in and around the creek unobserved. Make sure … more

Ticks, Lyme Disease & Prevention

The chances that you might contract Lyme disease from a single tick bite depend on the type of tick, where you acquired it, and how long it was attached … more